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Wellness Services

Food Sensitivity Testing $300

Digestive health is vital to complete wellness. Food sensitivity is where the digestive system has a difficult time breaking down food causing fatigue, anxiety, diarrhea, gas and other unpleasant symptoms. 286 antigens tested in office.

Food And Environmental Testing $300

Control your overall wellness with allergy testing. Food allergies are an immune response after ingestion and environmental allergies are triggered by coming in contact with a foreign substance through inhalation or skin contact. Symptoms can range from mild to severe such as anaphylaxis. 295 allergens tested in office.

School And Work Physicals $35

For individuals or groups the purpose of a physical is prevention. A simple method to screen for illnesses or any other health concerns.

Wellness Visit $250

A basic exam can determine the presence of diseases and/or adverse health conditions prior to the onset of signs or symptoms. vitals, basic labs, an EKG. Prescriptions for necessary medications are included.

STD/UTI $160

Testing complete testing for chlamydia, gonorrhea, RPR with reflex, HIV, Herpes, and urinary tract infection. Prescriptions for necessary medications are included.

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