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Weight Management

Medical weight loss is a weight management program that is designed to help individuals achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Medical weight loss programs typically involve a combination of diet, exercise, and behavior modification, and may also incorporate medications and supplements, depending on the individual’s specific needs and health status.

The goal of medical weight loss is not just to help people lose weight, but also to improve their overall health and reduce their risk or improved management of chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart diseaseMedical weight loss programs are typically tailored to the individual’s specific needs and may involve regular monitoring of weight, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and other health parameters. The program may also involve counseling and support to help individuals adopt healthy lifestyle habits that they can maintain over the long term.


Overall, medical weight loss can be a safe and effective way to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, Conversations In Beauty can help guide you through the process and ensure that the program is right for you.

Initial Conversations - $50-100

Medication history and review, body measurements that includes an accurate body composition scan by Body Metrix (Intelametrix) that will assess, measure, monitor and track fat loss and muscle gain. Vitals, BMI, labs and EKG if needed are all included to gather as much information as possible to tailor your care.

Simple Conversations - $100-150/mo

Monthly plan that includes an oral appetite suppressant that is designed to reduce feelings of hunger and decrease food intake. Appetite suppressants work by reducing the production of hunger hormones or by increasing the production of fullness hormones with monthly follow ups

Conversation Starters $250/mo

Our most popular conversation includes Semaglutide injections with weekly telemedicine follow up. Semaglutide works by reducing your appetite and food intake as well delayed gastric emptying.

Complex Conversations $450/mo

Tirzepatide is one of the latest once weekly injectables that has provided superior results in A1C reductions and weight when compared to others. It is sometimes recommended for continued weight loss for those that haven’t had much success with Semaglutide or if your simply no longer noticing desired results.

Additional Services $25 Office Visit Fee Required

  • Lipo MICC injections varies by dosage 
  • B12 injections $20

* A $25 no-show fee will be applied for no-shows or cancellations with less than 24 hrs’ notice*

– We do not accept any insurance, as most insurance companies do not cover weight loss services or medications.

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