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The Lipotropic / Detox (MIC) Injection

Lipotropic injections are a combination of nutrients designed to enhance fat metabolism (the body’s capacity to burn fat) and promote liver detoxification. If your liver has been harmed by toxins, obesity, or excessive everyday work, it is less able to process lipids and other metabolites in a healthy manner. That is, your body may store fat rather than eliminate it. In conjunction with a good diet and regular exercise, MIC may result in a monthly weight loss of 4 to 10 pounds. We offer weight management products and medical consultations to facilitate your return to a healthy weight.


What is in the MIC injection that improves metabolism and fat loss?

Methionine: assists the body in the breakdown of fat deposits. It is a precursor of glutathione, which is necessary for liver detoxification. Vital for muscular growth and energy production. In addition, it helps sustain arterial function, maintain healthy nails, hair, and skin, and rid the body of heavy metals.

Inositol:  transforms lipids into useful energy sources. Facilitates the transport of nutrients into cells by promoting the formation of healthy cell membranes. Used medicinally to aid with cholesterol and triglyceride reduction. Also employed to enhance circulation, prevent hair loss, and nourish the brain.

Choline: vital for liver function, as well as aiding in the removal of toxins and preventing the accumulation of fat in the liver. Assists in regulating blood cholesterol levels and preventing weight gain by preserving healthy cell membranes. Linked to and intimately associated with the preservation of the nervous system, aiding memory, and essential for the formation and function of normal cell membranes.

L-Carnitine:  necessary for the transport and breakdown of fat into mitochondria, where it can be burnt for energy. According to studies, oral L-Carnitine administration can reduce fat mass, enhance muscle mass, and decrease tiredness (University of Maryland Medical Centre, 2002). A meta-analysis of nine research including primarily obese patients or older persons revealed that L-carnitine supplementation increased weight loss by an average of 2.9 pounds.


How often do I get an injection?

Weekly injections are administered. Some individuals choose to have injections twice in the first week to initiate the fat-burning effects. Your injections require brief clinic appointments. If you need additional time to ask your doctor questions, please let us know, and we will be pleased to organize an extended visit. Typically, the Lipotropic injections are administered until the individual accomplishes their weight reduction objectives or is near reaching them but still has a tiny amount to shed.


How much does the treatment cost?

MIC injections are by prescription only.  You’ll need an initial appointment with one of our professionals, and a 15-30-minute check-in visit every 4-6 weeks. These visits may be billed to insurance or as cash fees.


Single-injection- $40

Package of 5- $160 (Save $40)

Package of 10- $310 (Save $90)

* Fees are subject to change if supply costs raise beyond our control. 


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