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Weight Management

Obesity is a chronic health condition influenced by genetics, medications, environmental social factors, other health conditions, etc that contribute to weight gains. Let’s start a conversation an partner with you on your journey


Initial Conversations

Medication history and review, body measurements that includes an accurate body composition scan by Body Metrix (Intelametrix) that will assess, measure, monitor and track fat loss and muscle gain. Vitals, BMI, labs and EKG if needed.

Simple Conversations

Monthly plan that includes an oral appetite suppressant with monthly follow ups

Conversation Starters

Our most popular conversation includes Semaglutide injections with weekly telemedicine follow up.


Complex Conversations

Tirzepatide is new to many but has remained an innovative and successful medication that promotes continued weight loss for those that haven’t had much success with Semaglutide or if your simply no longer noticing desired results.


Additional Services

  • Lipo MICC injection
  • B12 injection


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